Best Sustainable Podcasts

Love a podcast and looking for some eco inspiration, you are in the right place.
best sustainable podcasts

We have rounded up some of our favourite thought provoking and inspirational sustainable living podcasts. 

Whether you are having a lazy day at home or travelling, these sustainability podcasts with their witty hosts from around the world will inspire you, make you think and help you be more informed in your eco-friendly lifestyle and sustainable business choices.

Round up of best sustainable podcasts

A Sustainable Mind

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This sustainable podcast was created for the climate change conscious individual. Hosted by Majorie Alexander, media producer and environmental activist.  Majorie wanted her work life to match her climate change passion and personal values and what started as a thesis turned into the ongoing podcast A Sustainable Mind. 

Majorie wants to expand the climate change conversation to everyone. Enabling people from all ages and walks of life to be able to listen with ease.

Listen for weekly interviews from some of the most impactful start ups and companies to help everybody feel inspired and motivated to take action to be the change you want to see in the world. 

Each episode ends with actionalable advice, perfect for someone who really wants to get started on their eco journey but doesn’t know where to start.

Listen to A Sustainable Mind.

Green Dreamer

Green Dreamer is ‘a community powered in(ter)dependent podcast and journal exploring our paths to collective healing, ecological regeneration, and true abundance and wellness.’

Hosted by Kamea Chayne who understands the magnitude of thoughts and processes that need to be considered when trying to play a part in turning the tide of many things including systemic injustices, biocultural diversity loss, climate change and spiritual deprivation.

If you are beginning to feel helpless and hopeless and confused about where to start, they can help you ‘learn what it takes to thrive – in every sense of the word.’

Listen to Green Dreamer.


If you are finding everything sustainable too confusing then Sustainababble is the podcast for you. Hosts OI and Dave try to enlighten through comedy, you feel educated and informed in a humorous way. From climate crisis to food waste they cover serious topics and the importance of being socially and climate change conscious with a dash of comedy and without making you feel like the problems are insurmountable.

If you are dipping your toe in the sustainable podcast waters then this is a great introduction to sustainability. You learn without feeling like you are learning and are left feeling happy and with some sustainable food for thought.

Listen to Sustainababble

Low Tox Life

Low Tox Life is focused on our minds souls and bodies. Hosted by Alexx Stuart this podcast is for people who want to consciously live healthier lives and impact the planet.

Alexx has built a movement thats non judgemental and positive. She rejects the “perfect” way to do things and takes a relaxed and curious approach, claiming no tox is unachievable. 

Her podcasts feature lots of low tox topics around environmental sustainability. From health and fashion to farming and mental state, this podcast will provide you with a manageable goals to help you feel and look better while feeling inspired towards a more sustainable future.

Listen to Low Tox Life.

How To Save A Planet

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Its easy to feel overwhelmed at the amount needed to be achieved to help our planet. The How To Save A Planet hosts Alex Blumberg and Dr Ayana Elizabeth Jhonson want to fill you with possibility and claim their podcast will leave you feeling energised to takle our climate crisis.

They want to focus on solutions and create an army of activists, hoping that people will really connect with some of their topics. They assert that we already have the solutions, its follow up that is needed to implement the change. 

The conclusion to each show returns to the energy experts and scientists who detail the steps you can take as an individual to be part of the change. So if you are eager to become a catalyst of sustainable change and need ideas on exactly what to do for a sustainable future this podcast is for you.

Listen to How to Save A Planet

The Minimalists

With over 100 million downloads this one of the most popular podcasts in the world. Its hosted by netflix stars Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus who’s aim is to help people live meaningful lives with less. 

They are experts in their field having written books, essays and documentaries on minimalism. If you want inspiration to declutter and how it will impact your life this is the podcast for you.

Listen to The Minimalists.

Sustainably Influenced

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Sustainably Influenced hope to guide its listeners through the mire that is sustainability.

Hosted by Bianca Foley and Charlotte Williams who dive into how we can be more sustainable by interviewing various sustainability and eco living experts. They aim to demystify some of the terms used and provide listeners with tools for a sustainable lifestyle.

Their most recent podcasts have focused on sustainable fashion, they have honest conversation about issues of sustainability in fashion. Bianca and Charlotte are fun, relatable and engaging, and you feel you are armed with information to make more sustainable choices.

Listen to Susutainably Influenced

We hope that you enjoy listening to some of these sustainability podcasts and that you are left feeling energised and inspired. 

If you want to read more about easy easy changes you can make to contribute to a more sustainable world click here.

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