Cosy and Sustainable 3 of the UK’s Best Sustainable Slippers 

It can get very cold in the UK and there is nothing that will keep you warmer than a toasty pair of slippers.

With people working from home more and people trying to save on energy costs.  Slippers have seen a big increase in sales.

As with everything we buy, its impact on our environment should also be considered.

So save on shipping with our list of the UK’s best sustainable slippers.

The Small Home

Credit The Small Home

The Small Home has a large range of mens’s womens and childrens slippers. Started by a buyer from the fashion industry who wanted to start a brand that was ethically minded and championed integrity and authenticity above all else. 

The small home is an ethically minded small uk business that goes to great lengths to make their handmade slippers as sustainable as possible. The traditional methods used have a low environmental impact and negate the need for chemicals.

The sheepskin is sourced from byproducts from the meat industry and from a reputable British sheepskin supplier with high animal welfare standards. They also use offcuts from Rolls Royce car interiors.  The design is based on a traditional polish mountain slipper which is handmade in Tatra mountains. Designed to last with quality materials these make an ethical and sustainable alternative to fast fashion. Finally they are shipped to you in recycled paper packaging.


Credit Clearwaters

Clearwaters is an environmentally friendly footwear brand that uses recycled materials, and designed and developed in the UK. They are committed and passionate about reducing plastic waste and every product is made from ‘post consumer’ recycled plastic waste, sustainable natural rubber, and organic cotton. They also believe that sustainability is accessible.

Their first product is a minimalist slipper, a felt upper made from recycled plastic bottles, an organic cotton sock, and a natural rubber sole. These are simple yet hard wearing.

They come in a cotton reusable bag, perfect for reuse at the supermarket. Clearwaters is also partnered with Soles 4 Souls who turn unwanted clearwaters into opportunities for those who need it most.


Thought believes in easy to wear products made from natural materials like hemp and bamboo. Thought consider their design process and avoid processes that hard the environment. Industry standards are followed when it comes to sourcing, supporting high social standards for workers and ethical factories. They also partner with Triad.

Their yoko Siberian sustainable wool slippers are super cosy. They are made from 100% local Irish wool.

Benefits of eco friendly slippers

There is a lot of waste in the footwear industry. According to Statista over 20.5 billion shoes were manufactured in 2020 and the market is expected to grow by almost 6%.

What happens to all these shoes, where do they go? The majority end up in landfill. Shoes can take upto 1000 years to decompose. Without proper consideration the problem will only escalate. 

So time to kick back, put on some cosy slippers and chill, sustainably of course.

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